Are you open world wide and been Paying 4 years running?

YES, we have several countries making money with us.

What Pay Systems do you take? FREE ATM CARD!

Paypal / BITCOIN (And ALL other coins) Plus ALL credit Cards.
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How do I get started Making Big Cash?

After you join please click on the Upgrade Account link in members area.

Whats the difference in Upgraded and Free account?

Free accounts can just use products. Upgraded accounts can Make Money!

Can I sponsor as a FREE member?

BROKE? See our "Pay It Forward Program" on STATS page.

No, Sorry you have to upgrade but its cheap. You will have funds back Fast!
* If you are truly broke AND can sponsor please see Pay-It-Forward on STATS page.

*** #6 faq. / Can I join under myself the get the first sale out of the way? YES!
IMPORTANT: Family or Friend as 1st Sale (READ THIS FIRST)

About your 1st sale and adding a Friend or Family as your 1st sale!

Your 1st sponsored member and Cash Roll-Up to Your Sponsor!
* They will NO longer show in your group so...

If you have a Family member, Friend or Go-Getter you want in your group you MUST get the First sale out of the way! Please do one of the following.

1. Join under yourself and pay again with a different email.
* This is called a dead spot but will get your 1st sale out of the way.

2. Do our CO-OP and let us place your 1st sale.
(Best move this helps your sponsor)

Do one of these 2 above and THEN ADD your Family or Friend.

Please Click on Advertising link "OR" members home page for CO-OP.
* There is an extra fee for this service but your first sale will be out of the way.

Happy Hour TIP:
The advantages of getting your 1st sale out of the way:
A.You get Paid on your 1st upgraded member (Not your 2nd)
B. If you have a Go-Getter you don't lose them as your 1st sale.

How and when do I get paid?

You get paid daily 6 days a week. We payout via Paypal, BITCOIN and ATM Card.

This site is OPEN 24/7 (No Payouts Sundays are for Family)

What is Minimum and Maximum withdraw?

Min withdraw is just $10.00 There is NO limit on how much you can withdraw.

From $10.00 to $500,000.00 if you like. We love to PAY!

Do I have to sponsor to make money?

YES, but it is really easy No phone calls No talking to anybody the site does it all.

Simply refer people to the site we do the rest. Heck we even give you the email leads!

We have CO-OP Ads also that do 100% of the work or you can just post on Facebook, Twitter, Skype.

Email out we have TONS of FREE ways to get you CASH!

We give you the help... it's like not even working its so easy! You will be in profit FAST!

What is the cost to join and is there a monthly fee.

NO Monthly fees ever! There is a one time cost to join.

After you pay the small join fee we NEVER EVER ask you for a dime.
You will be in profit in no time and we still wont ask you for a dime!

$129.00 Gets you HELP, Ads and a web site just like this one with your own links.

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Do I have to surf, click on Ads or do anything at all like that?

NO, you don't have to click Ads, surf or do any of those worthless tasks.

Just take your web site link and post it or email it out we do the rest for you.
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Looky here we made this so easy you can't fail at Happy Hour!
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What is the product and is this all legit?
* One of our best assets is our fine products.

You get Email help within 24 hours of joining.
Banner AD Credits to promote anything on our High traffic site.
List of ways to promote. Ebooks, Email help, Lots of goodies.

Happy Hour is a trusted Family site with great products you can use for anything you want.

We are 100% certified with Paypal for over 4 years.

The Happy Hour group will be here long after hundreds of other sites fail.

What link do I use to promote and where is it?

In members area click on Promotional Center.

How do I contact my Sponsor OR Contact my Downline?

Just click on STATS link in members area.

Where can I see my earnings and info?

In members area just click on Stats.
* Lots of other info you can use to promote as well. $ GO $

How does Payplan work?

IT IS AWESOME! Please click on Details link for info.

Can I ever get a refund?

NO REFUNDS on digital products please read this before paying its right from Paypal.

As per Paypal RULES:
No Refunds on digital products list No Refunds 3 times on site as per rules. 2016 /2021
No refunds, No refunds, No refunds.

Next a side note from Admin:

Happy Hour is only a system to make our members money and give them a great product.
Your sponsor gets paid and fees for pay systems are sent daily there is no cash for refunds.

The chances you will want a refund are so low we can Guarantee this. After 180 days if you still
have not made money we will provide you with more email leads until you do!

Happy Hour is ready to help you succeed please get started right away for Max Cash$

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